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If anyone has any theories about space, quantam mechanics or anything related to science, pls tell me, i would love to talk/hear about it!
Just saw the article about the possibility that Mars' two moons were once part of a larger moon that had shattered. Interesting. So, i know this is a little premature , but if Mars' two moons were pushed back together , would the new moon constitute enough gravity to create tides in the land of Mars ?
I am an experimenter In Time Travel (dimensional , distortion , displacement , dilation) And yes It is being done And yes It is possible !!!
Sources, particularly those peer reviewed and published, would be met with great enthusiasm. Please share and enlighten the community.
Hello Everybody, It is Alain Serhal from Lebanon, I got My Bachelor of Science from the Empire State College of New York and I am a Scientific Guy that have been studying for 25 years Math, Physics, Chemistry, Sciences, Space and Quantum Mechanic Fields.

"I wish everybody always the Best".
Ex chief Engineer in Skydeploy India for dromes development with 30 yrs in imdutrial robotics Nachi ..aersopace mil amd civilian avionics embedded systems on multi core processors and Rtos as vxWorks certified developer with exp on miltimaster multi peer sbc with intel and motorola .seeking challenge openongs
Career educator at multiple levels - Elementary, Secondary, College. Currently working with foster-care children many of whom have expressed significant interest in learning more about Space and Science topics. Since many have deficits in Reading, providing accurate information about Space in multiple ways is essential.
In 1970 as a Design Engr at SBRC (Santa Barbara Research Center) I shared an office w/Jim Kodak who designed 1st instrument to leave the solar system> He drew the 1st CL on my layout design of the MSS (Multispectral Scanner) launched in 1972 onboard the LandSAT 1 it was 1st satellite to scan entire planet in a polar orbit, photos of Earth in every Atlas now w/a Resolution of 30m (100ft)
As a Design Engr at RocketDyne in 1964 I designed an Impulse Load Cell to CALIBRATE Rocket Thrusters OR No one was coming back from moon as it REQ'D a "Dock in Space" Neil Armstrong proved it out on 1965 Gemini project as 1st astronaut to "Dock in Space"> Any well-trained Primate could've docked & several did
Why not build space stations around gas giants and use these planets gravity idk the ratio we would need as far as distance and so forth but I imagine it could work
With the rise of our ideology of instant gratification, excess light pollution has ended my ability to stargaze within my residential area. It's so sad how conveniences such as light comes at other's expense.:mad:
Faith in faith' he answered himself. 'It isn't necessary to have something to believe in. It's only necessary to believe that somewhere there's something worthy of belief...
I love 💘 space and studying the universe
The university is so fast and big that it will take me time to study
everything I see, but at the same time it is fun and it is a hobby for me