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  1. Dealazer

    Unique New Ideas about Black Holes or Black Spheres as I call them

    I might be the first one to specify what a Black Hole is by its dimension. It's a round sphere as a planet or a star and is 99% to 100% perfectly a circle. How exact it is, is easier to tell with efficient comsmologic equipment. Most think it's just 100% flat. I don't know anyone to describe...
  2. S

    a black hole is a small universe, inside a large universe

  3. IG2007

    Question Why is there no symbol for "not possible" in Mathematics?

    Actually, my question is more large. The thing that made me think this is division by zero. Any positive number or negative number or zero itself cannot be divided by zero. Rather say, no integer can be divided by zero. And that is what gives the answer as infinity. And this is the thing that...