Unique New Ideas about Black Holes or Black Spheres as I call them

Mar 12, 2024
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I might be the first one to specify what a Black Hole is by its dimension.

It's a round sphere as a planet or a star and is 99% to 100% perfectly a circle.

How exact it is, is easier to tell with efficient comsmologic equipment. Most think it's just 100% flat. I don't know anyone to describe its view from all sides in 3D. My idea eventually comes from that it's not something you can fly into that easily. But you might perhaps fly out of it unless not hit by any object in it on the way out of it. This Black Sphere is just a collector, and probably you could easily fly out of it with enough propulsion. As the atoms in the Black Sphere do not ignite.

This means it's not something you can fly into that easily could travel you to another galaxy, but rather something that can swallow you in a vacuum effect.

It swallows galaxies and is created when a star dies out. It's something that isn't transparent at all. Likely Hydrogen without electrons, as only Hydrogen atoms would exist to create non-transparency as aligned together.

This idea above that I bow further makes the possibility to make fusion nuclear implosion to create a small black hole that will create a problem as it can only be stored specially, it is not possible for anyone to store it by this time. Electricity might be a problem, and it weighs so little. People on Earth already made black spheres as black holes that can't be called black holes looking at them from all sides. They all died out and they might have called them substances with low levels of stability. At least my idea paves the way to create 1 Atom of Hydrogen to study it. Such way Hydrogen is without either Proton, Neutron and especially without electron.

A Quote: Even a small drop can make water ripple as one small decision can make your life brighter in a much different way.

Black Spheres might be consistent with isolated hydrogen and only hydrogen as 100% but only 1 atom and zero electron would make it black and not transparent, and it's so light that all masses inside in it are pushed into the center as the Hydrogen is lighter than any other object. As magnetism exists this is due to the inside of the Black Sphere. That I have no idea what might be. Maybe you'll find an idea of what really can be happening inside this Sphere?

But the Black Sphere as it swallows everything still is a Black Sphere because, inside it, there's a high density of all it swallowed. But the blackness goes at least as a sphere on the outer layer. These Black Spheres can sort of be harvested in the future for their Hydrogen. It might also be possible to destroy the Black Sphere with electricity or light it up with electrons. Anything like this might be possible. But we on our planet have yet to fully study Hydrogen without its electron?

There can be Black Spheres already on Earth. And they might be only inside of stones like perhaps gemstones. As Black Spheres are i weight lighter than normal Hydrogen. So if you find a natural gemstone with Black Spheres inside you might soon be onto something by science worth millions. Stupid enough people always throw away bubbles in gemstones. Maybe they are all white? Not Black Holes but White Holes but not transparent at all? You can throw light through it but can't see it on the other side? This means perhaps it only reflects light in front of it if you push a laser towards it, it will reflect?

This is part of my all-around work to get some attention on myself and my ideas. I also work as a music producer by the name of Dealazer and I have songs that are closely connected with SpaceTravelers or Aliens as most call them now, I even spoke with them once with a mind-blowing transformation of sound which at that point was too heavy to be appreciating such contact through my digital audio workstation program. I since then have intention to appreciate a bow about this new information on Black Holes as it gives a new unique view no one yet have explained.

As the Black Sphere does light up again as a star it's because it swallowed enough material to instantly start burning as a star. So the universe was once a Black Hole as we have ideas of black holes now and the cosmic system as the big bang created light to this black hole assuming the whole universe became big bang because of 1 atom hydrogens. So the universe was once a big black sphere consisting just of 1 atom of hydrogen. #1Hydrogen #1AtomHydrogen #1H

I named the Black Holes from now on, Black Spheres. The hashtag #BlackSphere is unique to me on Twitter but has been named that, but not explained by only 1 person and a few others without much co-relations. But I explain the 3D way of the Sphere. As 1 atom of Hydrogen is super light and dense it might be a round sphere as its consistency. Not a flat black hole.
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