Hierarchical Structure of the Cosmos: Black Holes as Portals to Subquantum Dimensions

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It is pretty obvious, at least to me (obvious from my threads and posts), that our universe (u), among infinities of universe horizons -- of universes (u) -- exists within the Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (cc (/\)) (T=0(1), t=0(1) Horizon of the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe (U). There is no loss of any information, the constant expansion toward an already existing infinity proves it! That expansion to infinity is eternal backwards and forwards. The infinity of fractal horizons, fractal universes, fade away into the fractal Horizon set of them all.

Utilizing the immortal "traveler" once more, it means he is a hyperspace. hyper-time, traveler. He is no more going to approach that Horizon set than he is going to close out an infinity of horizons . . . an infinity of universes . . . the equal but opposing open (opening) system inside-out to those horizons we witness outside-in. He just has to be careful in his space travels as a space traveler, and in his time travels as a time traveler, not to become caught as chaotic fractal debris in a black hole horizon (outside-in) in one dimensionality that is fractal galaxies and stars, and so on, in another dimensionality (inside-out) of fractal zoom universe(s).
Nov 19, 2021
What amazes me is for a large enough black hole, you would not be aware you were passing across the event horizon. There must be no accretion disc to blast you with X-rays, gamma rays, etc. But gravitationally you would not know it. During trip planning on my GPS I always select "avoid black hole event horizons". I hear they are not well marked.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
The number of observable universes, by definition, is limited only by the number of observers; which, in turn, is limited only by the definition of observer. Do you include CCTV (whether watched, or not) and sabre toothed tigers?

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Jul 26, 2023
No two way communication through an event horizon. Only one way - from outside to inside.
That might be untrue. We know that even if white holes do not exist, big bang "possibly (!= probably)" happened. Its perhaps a better idea to not view the universe in elements but a system as a whole. One part might take matter, the other might eject it. We need to find the other part. That part might be unitary elements or might not be so. Think of it like this, animals drink water from the mouth, it can leave either via urine or in a manner difficult to trace like perspiration. That perspiration can happen perhaps even close to the event horizon.
Once more into the breach! I removed this to elsewhere as continuance there then decided to put it back. It is part of both places, belonging to both places as I see it.

The outline dimensional entity structure and infrastructure of fractal zooms universe and universes (hyperspace (subspace inclusive) hyper surfaces (sub-surfaces inclusive)) is infinity base outside-in gravitational / antigravitational (infinity base down and in deepest [outside-in] gravitational) that coalesces and culminates in the strong binding force.

As fractal zoom universe outline structural / infrastructural entity it, the above, is not the same thing as the localized space bending, curving, to vortex and vortices, microcosmic and macrocosmic multi-force electroweak force's magnetic monopole / dipole moment / point singularity and vacuum entities (the EWF, as TIME entity (inclusive of hyper time traveling), being virtually structureless (it -- the Schrödinger wave function -- being there and not being there ("it is and it isn't"), all at once or at the same time) . . . as pointed out by seemingly many quantum physicists).

It seems the modern view of the physics and the cosmos has it wrong. The magnetic monopolar fields have far greater magnitude, thus far greater reaches in locality, in the universe than thought and presented. What is attributed to gravitational "force", particularly to "super-gravity force," belongs to magnitudes of virtually structureless magnetic fields, the magnetic monopole / dipole moment / point singularities and vacuum field entities (quantum field entities) within fractal zoom universe outline structural / infrastructural GSBF entity (hyperspace....).
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Aug 27, 2023
It is fun to talk about Black Holes...despite all the opinions.....we will only know approx .0000000000001 about them for many generations to come...it's fun to play with though.

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