The reason Why we do not see White Holes. IMO

Jan 2, 2024
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The reason is obvious is it not:

If Black Holes create White Holes and our universe is a White Hole then:

  1. Other White Holes will be other Universes and not this one. Other White Holes will be somewhere else (not here!)
  2. There will be a constant supply of new space as our parent black hole 'feeds'.
  3. Time will run expansionist rather than in a black hole running compression (ist).
  4. If information cannot be lost (bearing in mind it could be deposited/posted elsewhere) then expansion may be uneven.
  5. Expansion rates may speed up or slow down.
  6. OOPS, I missed a crucial mention: The black hole that feeds our white hole (suggestion) cannot exist in our universe; but will be in an adjacent one.
  7. All the black holes in our universe will, presumably, create white holes but each in a new white hole universe.
I Had to edit this because without the edit it didn't make sense!
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