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  1. Rorisang

    Cosmic inflation:expanding our universe of possibilities

    Introduction: Cosmic inflation is a compelling argument in cosmology that proposes a period of rapid and exponential expansion during the early universe. This theory, introduced in the 1980s, has reshaped our understanding of the cosmos. Let's explore the argument for cosmic inflation and its...
  2. Rorisang

    The astonishing force:gravity's invisible tug on the universe

    Have you ever stopped to think about the invisible force that keeps you rooted to the Earth, yet also governs the dance of planets, stars, and galaxies across the cosmos? It's time to unravel the mind-boggling mystery of gravity and discover why it's not just a force – it's a cosmic architect...
  3. P


    It is associated with the similarity between the micro and the macro, the atomic model of rutheford is based on the orbits of the planets around the hyperstar (sun) obviously due to the gravitational attraction and the recent ideas of einstein, regarding a monotonous atom attraction between...