The astonishing force:gravity's invisible tug on the universe

Oct 4, 2023
Have you ever stopped to think about the invisible force that keeps you rooted to the Earth, yet also governs the dance of planets, stars, and galaxies across the cosmos? It's time to unravel the mind-boggling mystery of gravity and discover why it's not just a force – it's a cosmic architect.

Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff, peering into the abyss below. The ground beneath you feels solid, safe, and immovable. But in reality, you're held in place by an ethereal force, a force so weak that you can easily defy it by lifting your foot. Yet, it's this very force that holds together the entire universe.

Gravity, the cosmic puppeteer, is responsible for the mesmerizing dance of celestial bodies. But here's the truly astonishing part: it's not just about falling apples or keeping your feet on the ground; gravity warps the very fabric of space and time itself.

According to Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity, massive objects, like the Earth, create a dent in the fabric of spacetime. Picture a trampoline stretched tightly. When you place a heavy bowling ball on it, it creates a dimple. That's what Earth does to spacetime. Now, imagine rolling a smaller ball (let's call it the Moon) near the heavy bowling ball. It doesn't follow a straight path; it spirals toward the bowling ball's dimple. This is how gravity works, bending the paths of objects in space.

But it gets more mind-bending. If you were to travel to a place with incredibly strong gravity, like near a black hole, time itself would slow down. Yes, you heard that right. The closer you get to the black hole's intense gravitational pull, the slower time flows for you compared to someone far away. It's a phenomenon known as time dilation, and it's one of gravity's most mind-boggling tricks.

Now, picture two massive black holes spiraling toward each other, drawing closer due to their gravitational attraction. As they move, they create ripples in spacetime, like the waves on the surface of a pond when you toss a stone in. These ripples are called gravitational waves, and they travel across the cosmos at the speed of light, carrying with them information about the cataclysmic events that generated them.

In 2015 gravitational waves for the very first time, confirming Einstein's predictions and opening a new era of astronomy. These ripples in spacetime allow us to "hear" the universe in a way we never thought possible, unveiling secrets about colliding black holes, neutron stars, and the birth of the cosmos itself.

So, the next time you look up at the night sky or feel the ground beneath your feet, remember that gravity is not just a mundane force; it's the master of the cosmic ballet, a sculptor of spacetime, and a storyteller of the universe's most dramatic events. In its invisible embrace, the universe itself dances to the tunes of gravity's cosmic symphony.
Dec 29, 2022
I think that numbers and mathematics has an intuition also. And it can be mistaken and misleading just like other intuitions do.

I don't believe we have clue of the cause OR the dynamic, of gravity. And I do not think that mathematics will show us.

I think gravity is an indirect force. Not a fundamental force. An indirect EM force. And that it has another component of direction/orientation, that we are not aware of.

I believe we have described planetary orbits with the wrong dynamic. I believe them to be a closed one turn helix.....with that second unknown/mis-known acceleration. Two orbits in one. One acceleration inside the other acceleration. A superposition of acceleration.

I think the weak force of g comes from an asymmetric EM balance of the atomic dipole. But there are multiple EM asymmetries to pick from that structure.
It seems that just about everyone who thinks about gravity not only forgets to think about antigravity but blocks out all though of two reasonably [equal in masses] black holes, or two gravitational bodies reasonably [equal in masses] period, colliding in gravitational fields, particularly when they are opposed, especially exactly opposed, in direction of flow of vortices. Even an entire universe, and an infinity of horizon universes, colliding in opposed vortices of gravitational fields. The gravity of the trees would be to the trees, but the gravity of the overall set of forest of the trees would be exactly opposed to the gravity of each and every tree and all the trees. That is how the gravity of the universe, and the universes, works! You have the flow, the direction, wrong for the ongoing Big Crunch! Right for the ongoing Big Bang, wrong for the ongoing Big Crunch! That is a filament of a lot of filaments, a thread of a lot of threading, existing between things, up to galaxies, galactic clusters, on up to fractal zoom universes, or horizon universes, in general.
Dec 29, 2022
But we have never observed any anti-gravity. And we have looked for a very long time. Many would love to find some.....or make some. We can see back thru billions of years.....and we find none.

So we have even looked for a long time....thru a long time.....and still no anti-gravity.

That's looking squared.
Oct 6, 2023
I believe time isn't so connected to space. The current theories suggest that time is dependant on space, it's most accurate to describe time as space requiring a measure of change, yet it's being said that time can change space which doesn't make much sense.
Dec 29, 2022
I believe that time and length are omnipresent, and are the fundamental pillars of physicality. Omnipresent time and length are the reason we see and measure the things we see and measure. Anytime anywhere. All the times....all the wheres.

All of our current modern theory is based on an incorrect narrative of light. If our eyes could actually see the true character of light, we would see that light is discreet and intermittent.....and the propagation has a duty cycle, not a frequency.

The red shifts we se are from a duty cycle shift, not a frequency shift.
The charge force can be repulsive and serve as an anti gravity beam. Maglev trains use it world wide. The charge force is 10^42 times stronger than the gravitational force. Any number of setups with repulsive coils can be used to levitate an object. In each case, sensors measure the distance and constantly adjust the field. Without such active control, levitation by magnetism is impossible.
The only exception is when a superconductor is set on top of a magnet. It wil sit there forever.
In designing a levitation system, be aware that gravitational forces cannot be shielded against. A magnetic field cannot be blocked, only diverted sideways. Electric fields can be blocked by covering with the opposite polarity.
Dec 29, 2022
We can oppose and nullify gravity, but it takes energy. We can't find a material or object that is in a anti-gravity state.

In the last couple of years there have been several interesting EM shielding materials manufactured. Apparently cheap common polymers can be applied in film form and block all EM fields ......well up into the high GHz region. This is a huge advancement in EM interference electronics and radio. And other studies.

And some have taken this material film a step further, and added a conductive component to it, allowing to vary the amount of suppression applied. Modulating that suppression with small current.

This film material can be added to paints and other structural coverings. And then calibrated with a small current. Over time, that current can not only plot where and if deformation has occurred.....but can continuously plot the stress on the structure. Thru the stress of the covering.

Pretty cool.

But this is what I want to try. Imaging putting a conductive film coat on a broadcast antenna. Feed antenna with a constant carrier. Now audio modulate the film. True AM, with no side-bands. No channel width. Just a single carrier that truly varies in amplitude.

That would be neat.
Oct 31, 2022
its been theorized that dark energy opposes gravity.
But i think time dilation gradients are the key to both(gravity and dark energy)
i think they are really just two different applications of the same force of space/time curvature.