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    Look at the Stars!

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    Terraforming has been my insights for Humanity to do one thing right before exploring the stars and colonize planets. That is to Terraform areas that seem impossible on our planet, but Truly in my Heart, Mind and Soul it's not impossible. If we can Terraform part of a Dessert into a lush...
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    Question Why Don't We Feel The Earth's Rotation?

    In 1514 A.D Nicolaus Copernicus a polish astronomer postulated the theory, states that the Earth spins on its axis and revolves around the Sun. Since then it is a scientifically proved and well-known fact. later scientists were able to calculate that the Earth spins at a speed of about 1,000...
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    Space has become day by day one of the most powerful reasons why human beings seek to reach unknown places, while we travel to what we do not know we still have an incredible planet to know.