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  1. alien117

    What do you think is the best Planet/Moon for human colonization?

    We all should know Kepler 425-b and Gliese 581d, and many more, but would do you think would be the best candidate? Planet? Moon? What do you think? My personal opinion is on Gliese 581 g.
  2. Zaki

    Question What if we launched human incubators to a terraformed planet?

    We could take sperm samples from physically fit people, put the samples in a ship. Send the ship to another terrestrial planet. Then we could let the sperms incubate with multiple artificial incubators acting as a womb. That way if we on Earth were to be doomed by some catastrophe, the humans...
  3. PangaeaUtopianAlphaOne


    Terraforming has been my insights for Humanity to do one thing right before exploring the stars and colonize planets. That is to Terraform areas that seem impossible on our planet, but Truly in my Heart, Mind and Soul it's not impossible. If we can Terraform part of a Dessert into a lush...