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  1. Space 'elevator' to the 🌒 moon

    Subject: space elevator technology promises exceptional earth-space transport capacity at low cost and with much less pollution. Some concepts promise a feasible development cost of $1 billion USD (far cheaper than for example Ariane 6 that costed $6 billion USD to develop). Question: why are...
  2. Question What is the farthest distance an animal has traveled in space?

    Filter or 'reducing valve' theory of mind suggests that the origin of consciousness/life could be the Neutrino particle. When life would be bound to a region around the Sun, then it may not be possible for animals to live on 🪐 Mars or to explore deep space. A feature of the biological cell...
  3. ThatSpaceBoy

    Dual Suns

    What if the Earth's star was two stars? Like, the kind that orbits each other. If there were that in the middle of the solar system, what would conditions on Earth be like? Would life as we know it be able to exist?
  4. V

    are we alone in this totality?

    Sometimes I wonder we are alone in this cosmos? is there a place where universe ended or what is after that place because if we see as human imagination a place can't ended fully. for eg. if we ponder earth is a universe so there must be beyond it if not then nothingness is what not discovered...
  5. akashrao

    life on mars

    why did life end on mars? when would it re-begin ...