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  1. Shadynsx

    Question I saw something in the sky, what It was?

    Hi, first of all I want to be clear I'm an ignorant about astronomy :) I saw an orange fireball the Thursday 6 between 7pm and 8pm GMT-3 (I'm from Uruguay). It was very bright and bigger than any star, It was moving fast towards east and had a tail that could be varely seen. I want to know If...
  2. Bust

    I saw something strange

    Hello Five minutes ago I was staring at the stars with some binoculars and saw what I thought it was a meteorite, but it continued going down the galaxy untill I lost it. It took about 30 seconds to go from my 90º top vertical vision to a 0º horizontal (I was laying on the ground, looking up)...
  3. Takeoverangels

    Question New Elements

    Will future meteorites bring us new Atomic elements