Question I saw something in the sky, what It was?

Jan 8, 2022
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Hi, first of all I want to be clear I'm an ignorant about astronomy :)

I saw an orange fireball the Thursday 6 between 7pm and 8pm GMT-3 (I'm from Uruguay). It was very bright and bigger than any star, It was moving fast towards east and had a tail that could be varely seen.

I want to know If It was a shooting star, comet, meteoroid, meteorite, falling satellite or whatever. I also want to know If It had a name.
I walked to Lockport overnight when I was 17. Driving range, cobblestone buildings, many 1930s or 1950's era diners. Great trip until I took the wrong suburb road back. About 4 km north of the city lights, the sky is dark. About two hours into the spring night, A triangle-shaped light-green object appeared way high. Not quite a triangle; the bottom line had a centre raised to the peak/tophat. It floated as a fast as a very high concorde would, for about 8 seconds. It was a meteorite. It appeared big enough not to be merely a shuttle tank (30% moon diameter). It had to have lots of volatiles to shine at that colour. From a different angle it might've well appeared round.
I wouldn't have noticed it well from the city, enough to tell it was a meteorite, but St Elmo's Fire is one of hundreds of lesser possibilities. They can probably catalogue it at NORAD but they wouldn't know what object are visible or beautiful to ground observers at any location.
Nov 24, 2022
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Once when walking through the dark countryside in Warwickshire at about 2-3 in the morning I saw a orange fireball going from south west to north east, it was a meteor skipping along the air and then went back into space. Speed about 35-40000mph (judging by the speed of ISS). I was so astonished I forgot to lift my camera up!!!

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