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  1. F

    Mechanics of comet motion

    Hi all! Mechanics of comet motion. Community of Russian scientists. A comet is born when a satellite, orbiting a planet during the new moon phase, breaks out of orbit. Having left the planet's orbit, the satellite moves against the rotation of the Sun, due to which the...
  2. Shadynsx

    Question I saw something in the sky, what It was?

    Hi, first of all I want to be clear I'm an ignorant about astronomy :) I saw an orange fireball the Thursday 6 between 7pm and 8pm GMT-3 (I'm from Uruguay). It was very bright and bigger than any star, It was moving fast towards east and had a tail that could be varely seen. I want to know If...
  3. LONNEYMAN9000

    Comets astorids

    Come in all difficult situations formal kinds of rock and militaristic things perdition of been hitting by on it 1 by 500k big as a 🚌 last on was 1900s and 1999 and year 2000s when Russia was hit by good size comet
  4. chaii latte

    Do any of you know anything about comet NEOWISE (2020 F3)? says it could reach 2nd magnitude in July and Wikipedia says that it will reach perihelion on July 3rd and expected to be visible to the naked eye. Besides that and the page, I can't find anything else.