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    Gravity does not cause any light bending, NASA scientist claims. But what does ? Dr. Dowdye points out that stars outside the corona of the sun in fact do not bend according to Einstein’s general relativity. The reason why light bends in the sun's corona is obviously from refraction, similar to atmospheric...
  2. ThatSpaceBoy

    Question Has anyone ever interned at NASA?

    Hey! I am not sure if this is a good area to post this, but I am a middle school student thinking of applying for a NASA internship when I am old enough. I was wondering if anybody has participated in a NASA internship before. If you have, could you please provide some details about your...
  3. L

    Beautiful rocket launches compilation

    Hello everyone ! Don’t hesitate to check out this video which is an inspiring compilation video about rockets and space ! What do you think of it ? View:
  4. B

    Question About the Gemini spacecraft

    All along the nose and in many other places on the spacecraft exterior there are small (<2”) red rings and discs; are they fasteners, other devices, or markings for some purpose?
  5. ProvidenceFX

    SN9 rocket short cinematic animation #wip1

    I posted this in another thread, but I think this place is more appropriate. A quick animation project I've working on. Spaceship's animation with a cinematic effect. View:
  6. lcarlson

    Free NASA space projects for you to try at home!

    NASA SPACE PROJECTS AT HOME! NASA has a whole list of boredom busters that are also great to learn from. Click on the link above to learn more: - Apply to be an astronaut - Explore opportunities to propose missions - Spot the station - Stargaze - Livestreaming astronomy lessons - Podcasts on...
  7. lcarlson

    Welcome students, parents and educators!

    Hi there! You're probably here because schools are closed in many places around the world right now. We're glad you came by. This forum is for student questions or projects. We'll help you find the answers you need to keep learning! is loaded with amazing facts and info on all sorts...