Question Has anyone ever interned at NASA?

Apr 9, 2021
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Hey! I am not sure if this is a good area to post this, but I am a middle school student thinking of applying for a NASA internship when I am old enough. I was wondering if anybody has participated in a NASA internship before. If you have, could you please provide some details about your experience?

Much appreciated,
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It's odd why NASA studied having older people, for like say going to Mars.
Radiation and the long term effects, it doesn't effect older people like it does the younger people. They're child bearing years are over, and they probably won't live long enough to see the long term effects, even if they are exposed.
That's why I say the first trips to Mars might be a one way ticket. And they will know that when they sign on.
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The Ship, well , it would be autonomous and programmed to return to Earth.
HAB's could be sent there before the mission. Then the supply ships, which would be a one shot pony. Expendable supply train.
A lot of older Earthlings wanted to go. At some point it's almost inevitable that you will be exposed. To some degree. We haven't put humans on Mars yet. So the data is still incomplete. Musk did admit, a lot of people will die getting to Mars. Just so they know, would you go if selected ? Better than dying in a retirement home lol. Doing what you want to do, not what you were forced to do.
I would be first inline. I'm 67 and still in reasonably good shape. Just to be able to stand on Mars and see a few things is good enough for me.
Hey, a perk from the low gravity, it's would be a lot easier on these old bones lol.
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