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    Rocket Lab payload this week

    The RL media release says "The satellite will also provide a platform to test future space protection capabilities." - do we know what those (Top Secret) 'protection capabilities' are likely to be?
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    Lego SpaceX Falcon 9 Complete Set

    Hey all, Not sure if its allowed here, let me know if not, or just delete it, I guess its a little different to what is usually posted here. Me and my 4 and 5 year old boys share a love for Lego and space, we have taken a particular liking to watching all the SpaceX falcon 9 and Starship...
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    Beautiful rocket launches compilation

    Hello everyone ! Don’t hesitate to check out this video which is an inspiring compilation video about rockets and space ! What do you think of it ? View:
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    I Saw the SpaceX Launch!

    SpaceX Launch from Isla Blanca It was amazing. I cried. The ground shook. People stared. What an amazing moment in my life.
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    New rocket engine to boost space flights

    Sup guys! So week ago I saw an article on bloomberg (more info here) which tells about new engine made by Firefly company. It represents a mix of Soviet and American technologies and could be a great competitor for Space X. So the question is - What are the chances that this company will boost...
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    Question Propulsion

    Hello, This is probably a very dumb question, however, i was wondering if an electric air compressor would work in space and if so would it be an effiecient way to propel a rocket (connecting it to solar panels) so it has somewhat a self sustainable propulsion method? Or if there is similar...
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    Question Using Side Thruster on a missile to create a angular acceleration

    Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30 m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be...