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  1. Alain Serhal

    Creating BLACK HOLE to produce DARK ENERGY by captivating LIGHT inside Spherical Mirror Solar System Ball

    Dear All, After sitting with NASA for many years and winning the BRONZE Award here in Lebanon, my "DARK PHOTONS" Project become the Global Nominee after All and NOW the TIME will never stop in front of my EYES for my Future endeavors. I am still living inside the Quarks Photons as a QUANTA BOY...
  2. Curious guy

    Question Bending Space

    Hi Space forum, I am not an astro scientist or related, just some ordinary guy that love mystery hidden in our space. Pardon me if my question is too ordinary. I have too much question about space. 1. I once watched about gravity visualized video that said star bend space (visualized with a...
  3. JLivingstonSG

    Question Solar sail acceleration

    Hi. What if we build hundreds of large solar reflectors that can then focus sunlight on a solar sail space craft. How many square miles of sun reflectors would be needed to accelerate a spacecraft at 1 g, on lets say 100 tons to 90% of the speed of light in lets say 3 years ? Regards from...
  4. Astro-guy

    Do you think humans should colonize other planets and exploit their resources, too?

    This is a moral question, which has been concerning me. I would like to know every ones opinions.