Creating BLACK HOLE to produce DARK ENERGY by captivating LIGHT inside Spherical Mirror Solar System Ball

Dear All,

After sitting with NASA for many years and winning the BRONZE Award here in Lebanon, my "DARK PHOTONS" Project become the Global Nominee after All and NOW the TIME will never stop in front of my EYES for my Future endeavors. I am still living inside the Quarks Photons as a QUANTA BOY for a dream that become true to humanity before I leave and I want to settle it well for creative people to benefits from Light photons ENERGY as well.


It is very hard to believe in the reality functionality of Light Photons Speed but it is very true to make sure that Light speed measurement in the whole Universe, in Nature, in Black Hole, in Absolute Emptiness and Everywhere is equal to C=π Megameters/Centisecond. Because Light is beautiful in all its constructive mechanism meaning the same way as it is in its diamond ratio speed number π.

FAR Galaxies are approx. 2.5 Millions Light years away from us and we could be there in our dreams, in reality by the principle of the entanglement theories that Light could be in two or more places at the same time or in different scales dimension or vice versa. On another side, it also happens in our Dreams when we close our eyes and sleep: Black Box Mind "Darkness". The Light here on earth is too fast but in the universe it seems we don't need anymore 2.5 millions years of Earth time to Go there. We can do that SPACESHIP. We can do it in Reality, decades from Now.

What I have done today will open the Gate of Black Hole on Earth or even in changing the atmosphere of VENUS/MARS or captivating DARK ENERGY by collapsing PHOTONS on each other inside a spherical mirror Ball, so the impossible will be possible to construct creative technologies in the universe step by step and creating extreme dark energy from emptiness, directly from DARKNESS or from LIGHT in lesser compact space & time. The more you collect Light inside a spherical mirror the more you have ENERGY. It is not easy to captivate Light inside a reflective mirror ball as it is too fast for a legal escape, so I have created that mechanism Device which could captivate well the Light photons and it could be used in any #state or ambiance shown below in the last project LINK to create ENERGY DAY & NIGHT on Earth or Anywhere.

It is the new ERA of Spherical Solar System that can be used to create ENERGIES even if it is in Electrical Boards System, in ENGINE, in Devices, in AI, in Batteries, in Solar Panels or in any kind of NEW technology. It is the new concept state of MIND for HUMANITY, where PHOTONS will be collapsed into the focal nuclear core of the spherical MIRROR Medium DEVICE to open the GATE of the Black Hole System to CAPTIVATE & FREE ENERGY and to produce Electricity from DARKNESS & LIGHT.

In the end, if we are not alone or alone in this huge immense Universe, the galaxies and stars are not only a decoration for our eyes or just an equilibrium system. We can go everywhere. We can go there. We as human are here to know how to go there. What are done there affect here and inversely. TRUST My words when the day will come.

I don't want to talk so much about the FUTURE EVENTS as I want to talk about MY PROJECT and how can we create a compact BLACK HOLE here on Earth and ameliorate the solar system for everybody to be SPHERICAL and not Only Plates linked together to produce ELECTRICITY & to have EXTREME ENERGY.

All we need to dive into that new technology for a better development and future enhancement for Everybody. Specially, Creating a Black Hole.

Kindly find my project below " DARK PHOTONS ". It is not only words or videos animation. It is a NEW concept that I have studied 3 decades of time by that UNIQUE QUANTA NUCLEAR REACTION which provide the division of the equation forever. It is the data information that metamorphoses into DARK ENERGY for the capacity systems, for the construction/destruction of stars on big scales and much more fusion and fission of the Quanta Light Mechanism on smaller scale that are safe by its nature of use because it is a tiny epsilon black hole and have the same properties of a Light Photon Black Hole.

In the End we are still seeking for VENUS & MARS to make colony there in this NEW Beginning and there is yet to come from that ERA of evolution, Next Years.

"It is the BIG step forward for Humanity".

But if you use the right function C=π Mm/Cs or creating Spherical Solar System Panels & Devices You can jump directly forward back in time in the great indulgence of NEW technologies and ameliorate space travel development, CREATE EXTREME ENERGY and Spread Humankind Planets Habitation.


Kindly click on the LINK below to view my NASA PROJECT BATTERY-ENGINE:

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Black hole shielding might have an application. A nearby Novae might be enough a nuisance we relocate 25,1000 or 2000 LY away. It seems like overkill to make blackholes to shield from antimatter or for this kind of energy source. The shielding ones would spin and be charged. I wouldn't want one as a suit. Generally, I would avoid looking for nearby blackholes where we don't want to go, but need to look for them nearby where we do want to go as we would hit them soon enough. Blackholes are too dangerous to fund the R+D like fusion R+D is funded.
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Black Hole on epsilon tiny smaller scale are safe for Dark Energy Emission and to produce electricity if it is very protective but on collapsing them together for fusion and fission in #ways here on earth it is dangerous for larger giant scale. It will be a kind of a black hole nuclear bomb that erase matter and it is illigeal to construct it for the destruction cases and for negative purposes. In the end, humankind could use it to create enough Energy in extreme compact spaces, for space exploration and for the destructions/construction of stars or planets environment, for timespace, dark matter, gravity creation/modifications and for technologies. There is nothing to fear off, if it is always on compact shield scale because we are living around an extreme giant black hole core of the milky way that absolutely totally differs. Black Holes are found in nature specially each photon in life possess a tiny black hole in its circular photonic spiral loop QUARKS function that are negligeable in its emptiness dimension and very very small that make Light propagate in its emptiness SPACE to format matter by its energy reaction. When light move in space it left behind the gravity as vaccum collected together in spacetime then it make that big spiral movement concentrated as giant black hole all together as a Gate (like it is in its epsilon photon QUARK's function) to penetrate inside the tunnel of spacetime for matter generation by their quasar energy fusion and fission that make dark matter pop up from that emptiness dimension "singularity". Each spherical photon is n dimension and its inside or outside are hole formation loop n-1 dimension at infinity zoom in/out scales. "The Light from where it goes it returns" Those are called the incarnation of light for matter generation in #space dimension and for its spiral sinusoidal propagation.
People are I assume just worries the handling can't be modeled well and we wouldn't want to snag them during an event like a power spike or outage mid-experiment, and have the black holes increase in energy. I assume it might happen on a space probe in 2500 yrs so I'm more resigned to the event than scared. But we likely have to plan for all unexpected events that might grow the blackhole by accident. I'd assume somewhere they are already plentiful would be the place for this research and a backup power source could be sent from somewhere far from the gravity of our nearby space. It is hard to qualify blackholes as safe and Hawking never did so in his last paper. Webb or a future observatory might find out where there are already little black-holes.
Remember that string theory tells us there are probably eleven dimensions to gravity, which also means more than four to black holes. Approach one wrong, cross the horizon, and you are dead, at the beginning of time, and spread to infinity in space. Approach it right without actually crossing the horizon, just using the horizon as a string tunnel, a wormhole, and find the black hole expanding itself to a universe, one of Hawking's Lilliputian universes, and wormhole into it as a Lilliputian traveler. You lose relativity to the universe you came from. Possible, just possible, with eleven rather than four dimensions.
Technically easier would be the shields. There isn't the network behind the event horizon to worry about, nor the need to use bigger blackholes w/ the tidal power design. For a larger class of manned stars, you need better technology. And you may cut yourself off from Earth with your newfound engineering knowledge.
If you want real sunlight around big stars and ocean paradise easy to terraform, BH shields might make it safe enough. Not for a novae...if we make Suns, the engineer might use them. I wouldn't say it is 50% we need the technology by 10000AD, and it is maybe 1/3 we never need them. Inflation will be needed eventually.
It is the unique TENACITY.

It have been studied in all knowledge of security and ENERGY Future Needs for humanity with its application software for this hardware, where the compact Black Hole doesn't demand more expansion from its needs and if you don't feed it with Light photons Beam or from Darkness Dark Photons, it is safe as much it doesn't not expand over its mirror deviation of its focal core ENERGY. That is why it is a metamorphoses GATE, that preserve its spherical photonics concentration. In nowadays, we are not creating a Black hole Bomb to propagate it into space for specific mission for the times being into EXTREME fusion and fission of DARK PHOTONS BUT we are developing a relation between Light and Darkness to create ENERGY on smaller epsilon Compact Space & Time that doesn't expand at all and stay in the shape of the hardware use with its automatic secure mirror SHIELD. It is extremely compact small as shape and its event horizon are negligible and localized as a SHIELD Securely inside the Compact Reflective Medium that will not affect its peripheral personalization neither on its hotter expansion nor in its fusion/fission manner.
The Black Hole the more you feed them with Photons the more you have ENERGY in those considered Dimension but not in its concentrated Dimension. But the more you feed them with DARK PHOTONS by the fusion/Fission of the reflective MERCURY "MASS MEDIUM" the more you concentrate Black Hole together and make its expansion bigger from INSIDE for the EXTREME ORA ENERGY that doesn't affect the considered spherical Dimension EDGE. it is like an INVERSE expansion for the outsider Dimension DATA information.
Neutron stars fall into decaying matter orbits all the time. When the objects are black holes they charge and fly apart, the only natural object able to break apart any decaying black holes orbiting eachother. Neutron stars also shed outwards any decaying orbit objects. This is the kind of defense you need for blackholes. A ship to a nearby star will encounter sporadic radiation pulses from this event. With only metal shields the is one crew death. Such black hole defenses will be funded, but you need more than energy as an upside.
What you said is applied on extreme Giant Black Hole which is trillions of KM in far distance scale But on smaller compact scale size of 66 cm for example like I did in "DARK PHOTON" project is extremely negligible and too small in proportion to what it devours of edges matter and it differs a lot for its surrounding medium mirror from the tiny epsilon Black Hole. I have studied all those particles subject matter with their sizes and capacity for the ENERGY and I have create an application for this Open GATE IRIS how much it collect and it could be without erasing the surrounding if we gonna keep the nuclear reaction alive inside without the fusion and fission of the Mercury/Gallium "Mirror" Atoms.

In our Galaxy Milky Way the Black Hole in the core of the Galaxy doesn't devour Earth in a Quicker Time and everything that is rotating around are far a little bit from its core. The Same is applied on the smaller epsilon scale for the focal compact core for the Reflective Battery-Engine where photons are concentrated in the core of the reflective mirror FAR a little bit from the surrounding edges of the medium from the inside.

While studying the Quantum Mechanics for 30 Years I have found that each particle photon in life have Black Hole inside as a negligible singularity for the photon rotation Loop in its Photon particle Spin 1 Cycle in the n-1 Dimension as a "Hole". Those are called deactivated photons and the activated one have a total closed cycle spin in the n dimension as a spherical photon at infinity rotation QUARK and infinity dimension. The same way when all those photons propagate in space they collect each other even in a death star inversely Light propagation or in empty collective dimension space "Collective photons" and format the gravity behind from their constant irrational speed C=π Mm/Cs to penetrate the tunnel of space-time "in the Black Hole Core" to generate matter. A Single photon acts the same way in the larger scale extreme photons or in its singularity of a single photon and have the same functionality ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT GATE for the sinusoidal spiral propagation in all #dimensions theories. This is the Mechanism of Light from where it goes it returns "Source of ENERGY".