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  1. icarus2

    The Birth Mechanism of the Universe from Nothing !

    One of humanity's ultimate questions is "How did the universe come into existence?" Since energy is one of the most fundamental physical quantities in physics, and particles and the like can be created from this energy, this question is "How did energy come into existence?" It is related to the...
  2. B

    Resolution of the Dark Matter Mystery

    Dear Space.com, I have by several qualitatively different sources of evidence (planet 9, earth's water source, the 5 great extinction events, Tabby's star, disappearing and dormant black holes and disappearing planets, super puff planets, etc. and possibly the radio light filaments aligned to...
  3. Alain Serhal

    Creating BLACK HOLE to produce DARK ENERGY by captivating LIGHT inside Spherical Mirror Solar System Ball

    Dear All, After sitting with NASA for many years and winning the BRONZE Award here in Lebanon, my "DARK PHOTONS" Project become the Global Nominee after All and NOW the TIME will never stop in front of my EYES for my Future endeavors. I am still living inside the Quarks Photons as a QUANTA BOY...
  4. 7icarus7

    Dark energy is gravitational self-energy or the gravitational action of the gravitational field

    The source of dark energy is gravitational self-energy or the gravitational action of the gravitational field! 1. Gravitational potential energy is negative energy 1) Alan Guth said 2) Stephen Hawking also said Both said that gravitational potential energy is negative energy and is the true...
  5. Ed Stauffer

    E=MC squared

    E is dark energy M is dark matter C squared is the expansion factor all it takes is for dark matter to be out of a gravity well and have the space to expand. If this is the case the universe will stop expanding when we run out of dark matter that is out of a gravity well.
  6. Ed Stauffer

    Dark matter to dark energy

    The link below is a good example of how I think dark matter and dark energy are related. https://phys.org/news/2020-11-sticky-electrons-repulsion.html Dark matter can be created in a star due to the high temperature and extreme gravity. When dark matter leaves the gravity well it does a phase...