Sep 11, 2020
The link below is a good example of how I think dark matter and dark energy are related.

Dark matter can be created in a star due to the high temperature and extreme gravity.
When dark matter leaves the gravity well it does a phase transition to become dark energy while at the same time releasing huge amounts of heat.
As the universe expands more space becomes available out of a gravity well for dark energy to phase transition into existence. This would explain the higher than expected temperatures on the outside of dark matter halos.
Sep 11, 2020

this study indicates that space is getting hotter which matches with the heat release of phase transition.
Sep 22, 2020
An explanation for dark energy has already been offered up here:“dark-energy”-Λ-a-reaction-term.34960/

The infallibility of human endeavor is not a scientific principle, and it needs to go the way of the geocentric model of the solar system. The “standard model” of the universe has been grossly oversimplified: there are no stars nor galaxies; no action nor reaction. The model is a mathematical fiction, bearing no resemblance to the real world, except they both expand.

You can ignore me, censor me, call me names, etc, but ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. Until a more realistic model is employed, the brouhaha over dark energy is just plain silly.
Nov 28, 2020
I am no Scientist, Mathematician or Astronomer. An Employer said to me on time, “Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.” (John Haywood)( to not understand or appreciate a larger situation, problem, etc., because one is considering only a few parts of it.) So, just maybe, a non-scientific approach could help the avenue be made a little clearer. I know the saying is a play on words and steals a little here and there but it does help with the explanation.
Description: “A black hole can be formed by the death of a massive star. When such a star has exhausted the internal thermonuclear fuels in its core at the end of its life, the core becomes unstable and gravitationally collapses inward upon itself, and the star's outer layers are blown away.” › Science › Astronomy

“Stellar black holes are made when the center of a very big star falls in upon itself, or collapses. When this happens, it causes a supernova. A supernova is an exploding star that blasts part of the star into space. Scientists think supermassive black holes were made at the same time as the galaxy they are in.”

“The gravity of a black hole is not special. It does not attract matter at large distances differently than any other object does. At a long distance from the black hole the force of gravity falls off as the inverse square of the distance, just as it does for normal objects.”

Ok, so what is gravity: “While photons are spawned by movement in electrons, gravitons are whelped by energy and mass. Gravitons are massless, but they do carry energy. This means a graviton can create more gravitons. Like other quantum particles, gravitons can carry a lot of energy, or momentum, when confined to a small space”
Science does NOT really know how, what, why a black hole exist.
So, my theory could be just as real the any scientist on this earth.
My Theory: Yes a Black Hole is formed when a star collapses in on itself. But with the absence of a real gravitational presents left me to wonder how this is possible. Especially before the star collapsed there was plenty of gravity.
The What if theory; Ok the meat is, The star collapse with such an explosive force that all its Gravitons are thrown out into space with a force that would cause something to replace it.
Formally stated, Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.
In this case, it’s like the opposite action, that flooded in to replace the Gravitons is or was or will be by Dark Matter. Sort of like when a vacuumed jug, barrel is submerged under water and the cork is released quickly and the water fills the vacuumed space.
Now we all know what Dark Matter is: “Dark matter is composed of particles that do not absorb, reflect, or emit light, so they cannot be detected by observing electromagnetic radiation. Dark matter is material that cannot be seen directly. Scientists believe that dark matter may account for the unexplained motions of stars within galaxies.”
Could it be that when the star spit out with such a violent force, something Popped in to replace the absence of one force with another.

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