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  1. Alain Serhal

    Creating BLACK HOLE to produce DARK ENERGY by captivating LIGHT inside Spherical Mirror Solar System Ball

    Dear All, After sitting with NASA for many years and winning the BRONZE Award here in Lebanon, my "DARK PHOTONS" Project become the Global Nominee after All and NOW the TIME will never stop in front of my EYES for my Future endeavors. I am still living inside the Quarks Photons as a QUANTA BOY...
  2. adipkas

    See earth history

    Hi friends, There is a thought process that intrigues me. If light reflected from earth reaches a blackhole farther that formation of eath lightyear distance. Slingshot the ray back to earth, and on earth we somehow capture those radiation. Assuming signal lost is very low somehow. Any comment...
  3. S

    Question Quasar

    What is difference between a Black hole and a Quasar ?
  4. S

    Question Gravitational Power

    Which one has more gravitational power ?- A Neutron Star or a Black Hole ?