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  1. Curious guy

    Question Bending Space

    Hi Space forum, I am not an astro scientist or related, just some ordinary guy that love mystery hidden in our space. Pardon me if my question is too ordinary. I have too much question about space. 1. I once watched about gravity visualized video that said star bend space (visualized with a...
  2. L

    Could This Be True?

    I have a question to ask people that know or understand a lot about the universe and mathematics. So the question is this: "If the reference point of light doesn't experience time due to time dilation at higher speeds, does this mean that time stops? If time would stop would this mean that...
  3. SIDexplorer

    Dark matter or something else

    Can it not be so that the dark matter we're looking for perhaps not even exist and the bindimg/repelling force might be space itself, since black holes collide and gravitational waves are generated, and the speed at which those waves travel can't surpass that of light, so it may be that those...
  4. SIDexplorer

    Question Probes to interstellar space

    What is preventing us from sending numerous tiny probes/orbiters into interstellar space, do we still lack the technology or courage? Since through gravity assist alone we can increase the speed of spacecrafts, why don't we send out many in various directions, with all the necessary instruments...
  5. A

    Question RHU Technology : how to implement them in rover or spacecrafts ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a student in an Aeronautic School in Paris, France. I would like to know if one of you knows some stuff about Radio Isotopic Heater (RHU - Radioisotopic Heat Unit) to heat component during cold nights in space or lunar missions (mainly electronic components) and...
  6. Emely Morris

    Why is garbage in space dangerous?

    The clogging of near-Earth space could lead to the "Kessler effect" - a situation where space travel is not possible, as NASA experts warned earlier this year. Donald Kessler, an analyst at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, predicted back in 1978 that space debris would...
  7. S

    a black hole is a small universe, inside a large universe

  8. swots

    Summer Workshop on Teaching Space (SWOTS)

    The Summer Workshop on Teaching Space (SWOTS) offers an intensive short-course on the fundamentals of space, introduces academics to new and innovative techniques to teach about space, and provides them with access to the network of scholars, high-level government officials, and private...
  9. plvto6

    Question what intrigues you about space

    What makes you love space, the universe, and the ideas of other planets and life? I'll start off. I've always liked space since I was a kid and I had stickers of the solar system on my bedroom wall. Now, still basically a kid, I'm more obsessed with space than I've ever been. No matter what...
  10. Malibu Spacey

    Is it possible for us to discover habitable planets close to us?

    I’m a writer and currently writing a book that involves space travel to a potentially habitable planet. I’ve done lots of research of potentially habitable planets that we are already aware of and I am aware that scientists believe there to be billions of planets in the Milky Way alone. What...
  11. T

    I Saw the SpaceX Launch!

    SpaceX Launch from Isla Blanca It was amazing. I cried. The ground shook. People stared. What an amazing moment in my life.
  12. D

    What would gravity feel like on a hollow earth?

    If you had 2 earths, one original and the other hollow with a 1m thick crust but with identical mass and dimensions as our earth. Would you experience gravity identically on the outer surface of both? Also, what would you feel if you stood on the inside surface of the hollow earth? If you stood...
  13. T

    The expansion of the Universe and analysis of our Universe

    Greetings, First of all, I am not a scientist. Nor do I work in the scientific field...If this is something that bothers you, you can leave right now if you wish to have insights only from experts. However all I can say is that I think, analyze and read a lot about science, space, nuclear...
  14. chaii latte

    Do any of you know anything about comet NEOWISE (2020 F3)? says it could reach 2nd magnitude in July and Wikipedia says that it will reach perihelion on July 3rd and expected to be visible to the naked eye. Besides that and the page, I can't find anything else.
  15. akashrao

    twin body theory

    every celestial body, it is said, is part of a 2 or twin body system which revolve around a common centre of gravity, which sometimes lay inside one of the 2 such celestial bodies (because one is bigger than the other) so it looks as if the other is revolving around this ... is this theory...
  16. lcarlson

    Welcome students, parents and educators!

    Hi there! You're probably here because schools are closed in many places around the world right now. We're glad you came by. This forum is for student questions or projects. We'll help you find the answers you need to keep learning! is loaded with amazing facts and info on all sorts...
  17. A

    A Promising Future. The ExoMars 2020 Mission.

    ExoMars (Exobiology on Mars) is an astrobiology program by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian space agency Roscosmos. The goals of ExoMars are to search for signs of past life on Mars, investigate how the Martian water and geochemical environment vary, investigate atmospheric trace...
  18. M

    What Are Wormholes? Could We Really Travel Through Them?

    The human curiosity is one such element of the psyche that simply can never be quenched, especially when it comes to space travel. Did you know that the annual funding of the Earth Science program worldwide totals up to a meager $11.6 billion? Compare it with the budget of global space...
  19. mati

    Space-time Is Swirling Around Big Stars,Like Einstein`s Relativity Theory Predicted Space-Time is relative-not fixed absolute,like Einstein`s General Relativity Theory predicted over 100 years ago !