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  1. L

    Could This Be True?

    I have a question to ask people that know or understand a lot about the universe and mathematics. So the question is this: "If the reference point of light doesn't experience time due to time dilation at higher speeds, does this mean that time stops? If time would stop would this mean that...
  2. Thomas Likes Space

    Speed of Light Limit

    Einstein showed us the objects in the universe has a speed limit. And no, the objects dont get fines if they break it (Joke). Speed Limit Our great light and air are one of those objects. The movie Flash is like it: About a man, he can walk the speed of light, and light has a FLASH. The limit...
  3. jalara82

    Preferred Reference Frames

    Just a beginner here, but I’ve been struggling with something with special relativity. Here’s my question. A travels away from B, who’s on Earth, at 90% SOL (or any arbitrarily high speed to make time dilation have a noticeable effect). B’s clock moves slower than A’s. But, if there are no...
  4. S

    Speed Of Light

    The speed of light is constant, correct? My mind has a hard time believing that the light emitting from a star is the same speed as if/when that star goes supernova. That supernova “burst” does not increase the speed of light at all? I’m guessing because the photon has no mass then there is...