Speed of Light Limit

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  • 225.000 km/s

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  • 300.000 km/s

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Mar 14, 2021
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Einstein showed us the objects in the universe has a speed limit. And no, the objects dont get fines if they break it (Joke).

Speed Limit

Our great light and air are one of those objects. The movie Flash is like it: About a man, he can walk the speed of light, and light has a FLASH. The limit is 225 000 km/s!
Some might think 300.000 km/s, which are in sense, 75.000 km/s away. Correct me in the reply section.

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The speed of EM propagation was discovered by Maxwell in his remarkable equations. Either he or Halley connected EM to light. Einstein saw that it’s speed must always be observed as the same in all reference frames. Measurements are so accurate today that the meter is now defined by it.
the speed of light is referenced in physics as C
-for 'celerity'

our English speaking elders were not so silly, as they termed it 'light'
-and it is light mass-wise indeed

no-one knows what happens when a massy object travels faster than C
- what's our best guess peeps?

so Energy = Mass * C squared
-for Celerity we have: (my algebra is terrible(so I don't know which it is))
C(root) = Mass/Energy
C(root) = Energy/Mass
C = Energy/Mass squared
C = Mass/Energy squared
C = Mass * Energy(root)
C(squared) = Mass * Energy
--the last one is my guess for now
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