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  1. sajmons

    Collimation Circles, app for easy telescope collimation

    Hi, I'm the author of the Collimation Circles application. It is free and open source. Collimation Circles application is EAC (Electronically Asisted Collimation) tool to achive perfect or near perfect telescope collimation. Here are some useful links for you to get started: application home...
  2. simmisj

    Determining (calculating) when the moon is in a certain window of the sky.

    I have a telescope that I use to look at the moon. My telescope is on my balcony which has a specific view of the sky in a certain direction. I rarely find myself using it since it is a matter of luck if I have the time, decide to try to use it, and if the moon is actually visible at that...
  3. M

    Question Help Regarding Selecting Best Telescope

    Hello, all Here does anyone know that which is the awesome telescope of this era to see the moon and planets with a real close up to be able to see craters, rings, etc? I am new to this field so I have no clue or any idea. I have a budget of $600. So please tell me can I get anything good with...
  4. K

    Question on using the sun as a telescope lens

    I read an article on using the sun's gravity as a giant telescope lens. See . Great idea but it said the focal point is too far away to use this idea right now. What I don't understand is why we have to jump straight to using the sun...
  5. M

    Intermediate telescope recommendations

    I've read numerous postings on telescopes, but could not find definitive recommendations for my criteria. 1. Around $1000 or so. 2. GoTo capability. 3. Portable enough to move from the house to the outside. 4. Primary purpose is moon and the planets, with probable viewing of bright nebulae. 5...
  6. A

    Need to replace head or collar of tripod for telescope

    Hi everyone, First of all, I apologize if this question has been answered in another thread, but my lack of vocabulary (not knowing the proper term) makes it difficult for me to know what I should search for. In short: I have inherited an old telescope that works fine, and I want to continue...
  7. Khaled Alwaleed

    Question I want to get back to my passion of astronomy. Time to buy a telescope again!

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a telescope again after almost 15 years, it's time to go back again. Can you help me narrow down my options? It'll be used mainly for galaxy and star gazing as well as planetary too. I'd like it motorized and astrophotography capable through my computer not a camera...
  8. P

    What can I observe? The article in the above link details about the observing of planets. I wanna make sure if my 50mm refrractor will aid me in observing. Provided my Coordinates are Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210 19.048787, 73.068814