Determining (calculating) when the moon is in a certain window of the sky.

Dec 20, 2023
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I have a telescope that I use to look at the moon. My telescope is on my balcony which has a specific view of the sky in a certain direction. I rarely find myself using it since it is a matter of luck if I have the time, decide to try to use it, and if the moon is actually visible at that specific time. So I am wondering how I would go about creating a moon calendar specifically for me at my location AND with a specific window of the sky. Then it is just a matter of if there are clouds or not but obviously that cannot be known weeks, months, and years into the future so we will leave that out.
If I have coordinates on the face of the earth, a direction, and possibly something else ( for example 64.10, -21.47, south, 10 degrees up?), how do I create a two dimensional window on the sky in a way that I can use to calculate when the moon will be inside that window?

For example the blue box on this image: (image gets deleted on Thursday, June 20, 2024).
How do I represent this blue rectangle (it is supposed to be a rectangle) mathematically so I can use it to calculate when the moon enters and leaves it?
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You might want to try A.I. I have never used it, but I hear there are several available now. Give it your location and view direction, and ask it when the moon will come into view.

And let us here know what happens.

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