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  4. R

    Is it possible that tidal bulge (by Moon/Sun) is just a increase in the volume of ocean water?

    I got an idea that Moon/Sun causes solid earth's volume change(by distorting Earth's spherical shape). Is it possible that ocean water volume increases due to gravitational pull by Moon/Sun? Also, due to this eccentric change, Earth's rotation gets unbalanced, So it tries to get balanced by...
  5. Cassini120

    Solar eclipse tourism problems

    Hello, I was wondering about following questions. Imagine that Moon tourism is already started and there would be special solar eclipse trips to Moon. Those trips would occur when there is lunar eclipse on Earth and thus solar eclipse on Moon. Maybe my question is unusual. But I was wondering...
  6. Inner system

    Inner system

    Used some old stuff to make a new image, for those who are interested.
  7. Inner Worlds

    Inner Worlds

    One of my favs, formatted for standard monitor in 4k
  8. Inner Worlds Wide Screen

    Inner Worlds Wide Screen

    One of my favs formatted for 4k wide screens