Jan 27, 2020
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I was wondering about following questions. Imagine that Moon tourism is already started and there would be special solar eclipse trips to Moon. Those trips would occur when there is lunar eclipse on Earth and thus solar eclipse on Moon. Maybe my question is unusual. But I was wondering what would Earth look like during trip to moon? I think Earth would be unlighted by Sun before eclipse happens. But what would Earth look like during the whole trip to moon ? Would Earth look like crescent at first and then crescent will become smaller as I move closer to Moon and Moon moves into position where Solar eclipse is visible from Sun?

Are there any good free software programs which could simulate some specific lunar eclipse (it would be lunar eclipse on Earth) and let me watch it from different points in Space? So I could make time-lapse of what Earth looks like during space flight to Moon before this eclipse. I would prefer software for Linux.

I know there are many planetarium programs and games but I don't know which of those would be useful for answering this question if any. Maybe some spaceflight simulator game would be accurate for simulating view to Earth during flight to Moon before such eclipse?

Best place to watch eclipse would probably be surface of the Moon. Effect would be best from there (observer could see as surface of Moon turns reddish around him/her during eclipse) and observer could see full duration of eclipse, I think it would be unlikely to see full duration of eclipse from spaceship that orbits moon. So I imagine in my question that this sightseeing would involve Apollo style landing on moon some time before eclipse starts. And it would probably involve orbiting Moon before landing there. That's how I imagine circumstances in my question.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

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