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  1. TacovilleMC

    Distance is a timeline

    So, if the farther something is from us that we can see the older it is, does that mean that looking at things an ever increasing distance away is like looking at a timeline of the universe?
  2. mati

    Space-time Is Swirling Around Big Stars,Like Einstein`s Relativity Theory Predicted

    https://www.space.com/einstein-general-relativity-frame-dragging.html?utm_source=notification&jwsource=cl Space-Time is relative-not fixed absolute,like Einstein`s General Relativity Theory predicted over 100 years ago !
  3. Takeoverangels

    Question Decaying atoms

    Can decaying atoms have an effect on time
  4. Takeoverangels

    Stopping time

    Is there any type of force or particle scattered about the universe that would cause time to stop in that area? Thank
  5. Takeoverangels

    Tear in universe

    If we found a tear in the space time continuum would it be fair to say dark matter might collect in it? Thanks