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  1. Q

    Tachyverse & Universe

    Tachyverse & Universe: I conceptualize tachyons as temporal photons. They do or are at least capable of moving through the tachyverse. Tachyons are the organizers of time. When we talk about time we generally reference it as a sequencing progress or the relationships to that sequence. The...
  2. Curious guy

    Question Time Dimension(s)

    Hi Space Forum, I'm curious. As far as I know, we separate our space dimensions (3D), and time dimension (1D) hence we got the words "we live in 4D with time being the fourth dimensions". Is it possible that time is actually not 1D? For example if time is 2D, maybe we are not just moving...
  3. Curious guy

    Question Bending Space

    Hi Space forum, I am not an astro scientist or related, just some ordinary guy that love mystery hidden in our space. Pardon me if my question is too ordinary. I have too much question about space. 1. I once watched about gravity visualized video that said star bend space (visualized with a...
  4. SIDexplorer

    Reality vs Consciousness

    What problems do we face today to tell reality and consciousness apart in terms of the former being a byproduct of the latter? If however consciousness is a construct of reality then why is it near impossible to create it artificially? If reality has always been the way it is then what is...
  5. L

    Could This Be True?

    I have a question to ask people that know or understand a lot about the universe and mathematics. So the question is this: "If the reference point of light doesn't experience time due to time dilation at higher speeds, does this mean that time stops? If time would stop would this mean that...
  6. Dratonia

    Distance is a timeline

    So, if the farther something is from us that we can see the older it is, does that mean that looking at things an ever increasing distance away is like looking at a timeline of the universe?
  7. mati

    Space-time Is Swirling Around Big Stars,Like Einstein`s Relativity Theory Predicted

    https://www.space.com/einstein-general-relativity-frame-dragging.html?utm_source=notification&jwsource=cl Space-Time is relative-not fixed absolute,like Einstein`s General Relativity Theory predicted over 100 years ago !
  8. Takeoverangels

    Question Decaying atoms

    Can decaying atoms have an effect on time
  9. Takeoverangels

    Stopping time

    Is there any type of force or particle scattered about the universe that would cause time to stop in that area? Thank
  10. Takeoverangels

    Tear in universe

    If we found a tear in the space time continuum would it be fair to say dark matter might collect in it? Thanks