Tachyverse & Universe:

I conceptualize tachyons as temporal photons.
They do or are at least capable of moving through the tachyverse.

Tachyons are the organizers of time.

When we talk about time we generally reference it as a sequencing progress or the relationships to that sequence.

The other alternative viewpoint is only discontinuous instantaneous snapshots, with no (only incoherent) relationship(s) with one another.

In a sense maybe we view the 'past' with or from the tachyon photons. Maybe that is how, why we imagine [the] hypothetical future(s).

The Big Bang:

I see the big bang as some kind of tachyon sink in the tachyverse.

It draws tachyons from all of at least 4 dimensions.
As the tachyons cross through to the vortex/sink there is something, possibly other tachyons, that are decohered, mutually entangled.

A tachyon is something that is completely coherent, completely self entangled, in a state of superposition.

Decoherence is the entanglement with other things, elements.
Some aspects of matter might be entangled inverted tachyons.

An overspherical radius of mutually decohered detrimous builds up.

The surface of the oversphere is 3D space ... now.

The oversphere may not be perfectly symmetric.
Accrual may vary by location.

Tachyons continue to be drawn towards the sink.
In that process they are likely grooming time, the shape of time, the order of organized time.
That grooming might act to seal the system into almost complete closure.
So the passage of time is the build up of continuing layers upon an expanding decoherence oversphere.

The past may be somewhat jello like. It may be somewhat alterable, but possibly only in a broad morphing manner.
Whether intricate surgical manipulations of the time sequence are possible i don't know, but one would be wrestling against an ongoing tachyon streaming/'rain'/pressure.

At the center of the vortex of the past the cold tachyon pressure is likely greatest which likely makes it the most immutable.
Our perception has the instant now as the most potentially mutable.
We see our perceived selves as moving forward in time, 'outward' from the formed center of the growing oversphere. We move from fixed determinism towards animate potentiality.

Tachyons as the source of mass:

I will say that i think when tachyons moving towards the sink, backwards in/through time they are the cause of mass.
Mass is an eccentrification (nonuniformity) of time speed.
The places where mass occurs i are (in radial relationship to) where time is slowed, stopped or even possibly (probably minutely) reversed.

Matter is potential energy. Temporally arrested, stopped energy. As tachyons transit this potential, time arrested energy they pick up some amount of energy, which they release as time-slowing/mass.

Matter as it moves it slows in time & requires/builds-up additional energy.
When a tachyon encounters this time slowed energy it again picks up energy & then releases it as radiant time slowing, mass. (this probably needs improved explanation)

'Dark Matter' effect mass:

In a black hole i think there is a slightly variant addition to this beyond the standard mass of a black hole.

On the interior of a black hole there may be minute oscillations of time forward & backward in time.

One idea is that the reverse oscillations cushion & capture the tachyon's backward progress through time & this is where it picks up energy and then releases as the 'dark matter' halo of mass at a greater distance than regular matter mass.

Another thought is that on the interior of the black hole it allows some acceleration of the tachyon and when that accelerated tachyon picks up energy it & releases it at a greater distances from the black hole, again producing the alleged 'dark matter' mass effect.

So i am hypothesizing mass as some kind of temporal 'diffraction' from the intersecting transits of 'temporal photons', aka tachyons.

The Tachyverse may have ambient energy that keeps tachyons at below maximum/infinite speed.
Only when they go backward through time that they can acheive higher speeds. That would also imply they may by default carry some energy. My proposed sink might be something that allows them to unload this ambient energy. That could be the great starting energy of the big bang. Tachyons may be biased to turn toward the sink as they hit the surface of the expanding oversphere, then they can unload energy and accelerate. Perpendicularly transecting empty space may be where they achieve their highest speeds.

The deep past may have locked decoherence relationships. Closer to current now may have more morphable, changable entanglements.
Using Star Trek's Enterprise for this example of physics:

In the forward view of space and time travel, the Enterprise's screen shows the universe fast forwarding like fast forwarding a movie, ascending, evolving, out of the P/BB Mirror Horizon. [Light's] coordinate point SPACETIME of the universe from the rear catching up to the Enterprise's spontaneous concurrent REALTIME / or, conversely, the Enterprise from the rear catching up to the spontaneous concurrent REALTIME of the universe.

But what of the universe view in the rearview mirror?! The falling away of the universe into the distance toward the P/BB Horizon, that the universe is fast forwarding, ascending, evolving, out of . . . equally but oppositely . . . forward of the ship?! What is bringing that universe, that universe view, to the ship from the rear? It can't be the same physic (the same physics) as forward! Therefore, it is a tachyon physic (it is and must be tachyon physics . . . precisely opposing to the physic and physics forward).

And it doesn't have to be the Enterprise! It can be any traveler, anything traveling, and possessing a rearview of universe slowing down toward rewinding a movie near or far in the direction toward that distant P/BB Mirror Horizon, devolving, descending, away in space and time . . . light's coordinate point SPACETIME . . . from the spontaneous concurrent REALTIME of both the traveler and the observer. A rearward in time falling universe and universe view being brought forward to the traveler from the descent rearward courtesy of tachyons.
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Did the above confuse you in anyway? If not, let me try again:

Nothing, I repeat nothing, travels faster than the speed of light (positive velocity (+)300,000kps from rest = '0'), the speed of universally spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0), (c=(t=0).

YET! Are there velocities in the universe less than "rest = '0'"?! Negative velocity all the way to negative (-)300,000kps from "rest = '0'"?!

Which, altogether, puts "rest = '0''" infinitely limitlessly floating in a quicksand of ever shifting sands of space and time; The shifts, the state, also called acceleration / deceleration of velocity (+|-), closed systematically boxed second per second. No limit, though, [in distance covered / distance contracted] to/for a travel constant of 1-g, a travel constant of 2-g, a travel constant of 3-g...!

The universe is said to accelerate in expansion faster than the speed of light. SO, THEN, a constant of acceleration self-powered ship-traveler can accelerate in contracting that same expanding universe, contracting its unobserved soft reality of distances (as opposed to hard relativity of observed distances) more and more, faster and faster, contracting spaces in space, times in time. Essentially folding, warping, or wormholing, whatever, cutting and shorting the curvatures, straightening the lines between points in space and time, as often illustrated.
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All of the above makes the constant of the speed of light ("Nothing, I repeat nothing, travels faster than the speed of light") a closed systematic finite local-relative affair. Thus ('c') is all-at-once both absolutely true and absolutely false.
As an aside i will say i believe (generally) all the energy of the oversphere is in/on its surface. This would concur with the second law of thermal dynamics. To travel backwards in time (provided one or something's trajectory weren't/wasn't already embedded in it) one must use energy & probably carry energy to the target past. If it were even possible it would ambiguate the 'past' and present.


I have always wondered at the ambiguity between inertia movement being kinetic or potential energy.

Inertia movement is organized energy. It is energy stored as a constant relationship of change between some consolidation of matter and the universe at large.

I will also say i think there is ambiguity about the movement, namely whether the 'object' is moving in the universe or if the universe is moving from the 'object's' POV.

The 'object'/consolidated-matter becomes the literal vehicle of the (additonal) stored energy.
So its organized inertial energy is potential thermal/entropic energy.
So just as matter is energy in a temporal discontinuity, matter's inertial stored energy is also itself in a state of temporal discontinuity.
And that is why from a tachyon's POV it 'sees' that energy as temporally arrested energy and interacts creating (additonal) mass.

As to why there is a limiting velocity of luminality i will have to think about it. It would likely be the crossover energy that would turn matter into tachyons and the tachyons into sub-luminal matter.
Again it needs clarification (for me).
If my theory is correct then a massing of chemical stored potential energy will have slightly more mass than an equivalent number of noble gas nucleons.
The amount of nucleon/pure-matter energy is vastly greater but maybe that tiny difference is measurable?

Non-N2 bonded nitrogen has a good deal of stored energy. Maybe that would be enough to measure?

Is that any different than standard physics models?