Tachyon Turmoil

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The increase in mass may be a function of increasing energy, slowing speed of tachyons and not so much a numeric increase in tachyon count.

As an object moving near light speed it slows down in time & maybe tachyons get caught by near zero time speed & get slowed to nearly light speed & they absorb the tremendous energy that the near luminal speed object is a product of.
And that's why the mass approaches infinity.

The slim tachyon 'serpent' swallowing an 'elephant' of energy.
As a general scheme mass might be understood as temporal diffraction.
Wherever there's a slowing or possibly reversed time passage the temporal effects extend 'laterally' out into immediate space as mass.
Almost like tachyons are the temporal photons shining in the generally single direction into the past/previous-space-time-layers.

So i am conceptualizing tachyons as causing mass, but going into why there are temporal irregularities i will leave open.

Again, in the case of black holes and my postulation that the 'dark matter' effect halo comes from them is a slightly special case possibly because there may be time inversions inside the event horizon.
There are no such things as tachyons. There is no need and no possibility of such. Because all star light has different velocities. The only way that light will measure a constant speed, from all emitters, is if you are standing still. And nothing can remain still in this universe. All physical entities in this universe has perpetual motion. Nothing can stop this.

Mass is the amount of a property, not the amount of a substance,. The only physical substance there is, is charge. It comes in non changeable lengths. And it comes with equal parts left handed and right handed.

Inertia is an absolute motion. A motion(acceleration) unto itself. The amount of inertia is proportional to the density and the RPM of the charge. Giving the constant amount of substance a changeable amount of "mass".

It is estimated that a charge is self powered for about 10E+60 years. The potential that powers this rotation come from the primordial and primary force of this universe. And that force is the self repulsiveness of the electric field. That super nova potential is corralled by the magnetic force, using a rotation speed equal to the expansion speed. This holds the charge to certain diameters and certain spin rates.

Physicality is physical, not mathematical and needs no information.

Light is not a wave. Gravity does not comes from space time. And space does not expand and is not directly related to time.

We measure two illusions. The first illusion is observation and the second is the measurement. And the slow response and distortion of these methods is the reason why. And we don't even realize it. Time like length is a property of motion.

All properties and all physicality comes from e.

Physicality does not come from hollywood. There will be NO star travel. No time shifts. No warp motion.

A bubble busting 2 cents.

When we finally measure the velocity of light this will become apparent to all. If we ever do. Some even say that because of space time, light can not be measured. What a fool proof theory. Perfection of mathematics. Untestable dogma. The perfected faith.

It's all very silly.

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