10 rookie mistakes first-time eclipse-chasers make (and how to avoid them)

Feb 24, 2023
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Living in the path of totality (Medina. TX), we are preparing for a ton of human refuge from Austin and San Antonio. Reminder that rural roads are narrow and a one hour trek to San Antonio will take 3.
Agree with everything EXCEPT #8. I researched the astrophotography resources I could find on the WWW and used both a Sony DSC-HX80 (https://electronics.sony.com/imaging/compact-cameras/all-vlog-compact-cameras/p/dschx80-b) and an iPhone and got great shots from the most recent US sited eclipse (Eastern Oregon). The rest of the party was laying back in their folding lounge chairs, but I came away with shots that equaled and in some cases rivaled the images I saw in the media. Everyone in my group got what they wanted.

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