2023: The year UFOs descended on Washington, DC (but not like you'd expect)

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Smug conciete runs rampant in narcissistic cliques.

Cliques telling ocean sailors their reports of rogue were anecdotal nonsense.

Too bad the established wave 'theories' didn’t fit actual reality and its physics.

Cliques of thinking challenged self anointed 'experts' propose 'dark matter' and its impossible characteristics. For DM to not follow gravity means it doesn't have inertia. Tremendous mass and zero inertia?!? It is invisible & on top of that it requires invisible physics to whip it up into confabulated 'halos'. And the invisible physics moving DM have zero effect on visible matter?!?

Cliques that tried to convince us for decades the environmental lead from gasoline was instead 'natural background lead' in their published 'peer reviewed' 'studies'.

Cliques telling us 'Zika causes microcephally'
when in fact the time and location windows of zika mismatches the microcephally outbreak in NE Brazil while it is a tight fit for Pyroproxifen used there.
Additionally the Lancet published 'proof' that zika caused the microcephally when in fact the only thing their data actually proved was in 20% of the cases it was impossible for zika to have caused it because neither the mother nor her microcephallic baby had zika.
Something proven to NOT be zika caused those cases & almost certainly all the microcephally there.

Smug concieted 'experts' who can't follow primary logic?!?

What is good to see is people & elected officials taking UAP reports seriously and not laughing it off.

There is good science out there, but it has to be ferreted out from mounds of pubished nonsense.
Mar 31, 2020
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Since the long anticipated and laughable 9 page report released by the military regarding UAP disclosure in 2022 a lot has happened. It is now known that enormous amounts of money continue to be funneled for the purpose of lying, misdirecting and covering up information regarding UAP's to the public. Bipartisan members of congress are now on an important mission, to have disclosure made available not only to the public, but to elected members of congress as well. Mid- level bureaucrats and their minions put up a wall at every turn. The military continues with their agenda built on a foundation of lies. Evidence to this day is kept hidden as the bipartisan members of congress continue to fight for the truth. Be confident that in the end these brave members of congress will prevail.

We are not alone. Intelligent lifeforms are observing us. They do not wish to be discovered . They do not wish to contact us. Their spacecraft have been observed by credible witnesses hundreds of times. Our science is primitive in comparison. These spacecraft are capable of movement that defies the laws of physics. We are not the center of the universe. It is time for the truth.
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I have no doubt that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the vast Universe. Zero.

I do have doubts that they are visiting us. That requires more than hoping it to be true. To date, this evidence has been non-existent.

Reports and testimony don't make it so.

Time will tell.
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