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5+ dimensional particles & other thoughts

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QUESTION 1: Could some effects of quantum physics be explained by particles or forces that exist simultaneously within our 3-D space/time as well as other dimensions? (i.e. The weakness of gravity in relationship to the other fundamental forces is believed by many to be explained by gravity extending its influence to dimensions beyond our 3-D space/time thereby weakening its effect locally) I think of this as a "shadow effect" whereas the "dual space/time" particle exists as a "shadow" in our 3-D space/time or possibly even reversing states within each dimension.

QUESTION 2: If gravity extends is influence to other dimensions and particles do the same - could this produce the observed effects of dark matter without invoking a particle that comprises the bulk of all matter in the universe?

QUESTION 3: Could there be a parallel universe where particles are made of anti-matter with an opposite spin and handedness that shares energy and information with this one? (so that the net energy of both equalled zero)

QUESTION 4: Could our entire universe be quantumly entangled with another?


Hi captdude :)

A physicist involved in Supersymmetry would answer "Yes!" to questions 1-3. Take a look here;


There have been several popular science books about the subject too :)

I'm not sure about question 4, I guess the first question would be to ask at what level does the entanglement take place?

If we are talking about the entire universe, assuming internal observers cannot collapse the wave function, then it would take an action external from either of the entangled universes to have any observational consequences.

On the other hand, if we are talking about entanglement at the particle level, I guess we could invoke the many worlds hypothesis and Heisenburgs Uncertainty Principal. A measurement of a quantum state in this universe forces the collapse of the quantum state of the entangled particle in the other universe. The double slit experiment springs to mind here.
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