A billionaire hopes to upgrade the Hubble Telescope on a private SpaceX mission, but could it really happen?

Dec 25, 2023
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I always roll my eyes when I hear comments about something being impossible because we no longer have the Space Shuttle. We don't need the Space Shuttle because we have Starship which is far more capable and larger. Are people just automatically assuming that Starship will fail? It doesn't look like it so far. SpaceX is full steam ahead on Starship and the fourth prototype orbital test is only a couple of weeks away where I fully expect a successful re-entry. So far every launch has been more successful than the previous launch. They are almost finished building the Starship factory, so I really don't understand why people are just assuming that this will be a failure. Every car manufacturer totally dismissed Tesla and assumed that Tesla would fail. That was a huge mistake and a missed opportunity for the major car manufacturers. imagine where we would be today if they had taken Tesla seriously back in 2012 when the Model S first came out.

I also roll my eyes when I hear that we shouldn't attempt a repair because an astronaut might damage the telescope in some way. The telescope is failing right now and will be dragged into the atmosphere and be totally destroyed if we do nothing. But at the same time, people are worried that if we attempt to fix it, there is a very remote chance that an astronaut might accidentally damage it? This is absolutely nonsensical.

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