A possible insight into the Big Bang

Mar 16, 2024
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What I’m about to propose comes from a large complex theoretical framework or paradigm. This paradigm not only requires us to take a closer look at the number zero but this paradigm also makes some assumptions.

It is of my belief that there must be something which defines and causes and or puts forth the physical manifestation of our universe and all that which is in it. Personally I like to think of this thing as being the prime fundamental source substance. I theorize that this substance is actually a specialized form of entangleable and unentangeable self processing and self maintaining quantum mathematical information. One of the things which makes this form of quantum information special is that it is said to exist with the ability to act tangible in reference to other instances of its particular form/type of quantum information. Another thing which makes this particular form of quantum information special is that it is said to have a dimensional nature. In that it is said to have polarized quantum mathematical information/variables which defines a kind of encapsulating structure. In turn and as objects constructed of subatomic particles we are said to exist inside this encapsulating structure.

So now it is to my understanding that there are two primary numbers one and zero. It is also to my understanding that these numbers have and or carry a kind of Boolean nature. In that the number 1 has and or carries the nature of having or being while the number 0 has/carries the nature of !(not)having or !being. At the same time though there are different mathematical contexts for the number 0. In that there is the count of 0 and there is the polarity of 0. However there are different ways for objects to have and or carry the polarity of 0. One way is for that object to be completely devoid of polarity and another is for that object to have or carry equal amounts of two exact opposite polarities at the exact same time. As such and under this mathematical context the zero is a designation of polarity meaning to me that it should be denoted just like the symbols + and -. In other words I theorize that any object which is devoid of polarity should be denote as being a1 and any object which has and or carries equal amounts of one or more sets of exact opposite polarities should be denoted as being a 01. Mathematical meaning that it is [1/2 or 50% or 0.5 negative & 1/2 or 50% or 0.5 positive] all at the exact same time. It is in this way that the quantum polarity of 0 becomes a constructed polarity and as such I believe it should be thought of as being elementary and not fundamental.

So now let’s say that two 01s were to bind together through the action of union or unseparation over the sideways tangent of separation and construct a 02( technically speaking they would just construct a larger 01).

[-0.5 + -0.5 & +0.5 + +0.5] = [-1 & +1]

This equation comes from something that I theorize about the process of transforming photons into subatomic particles. In fact there is something inside this equation that I believe speaks to one of the root sources of quantum entanglement. However I also theorize that there is a more complex form of this equation at work inside the prime fundamental source substance’s quantum dimensional mathematics. I believe that it has something to do with how these mathematics deal with linear infinities by turning them into quantum circles. Or polarized quantum structures which function from & to zero on their side of 0 and in their causing polarity of 0. But the theory behind all of that stuff is well beyond the scope of this posting.

Question, how do you get something from nothing?

Well if you think of nothing under the context of the count of 0 you can’t because this form of nothing is devoid of everything. But if you think of nothing under the context of the cancellation of the quantum polarity of 0 you can, if you can get some and or all of the different sets of canceling exact opposite polarities contained of and or inside that form of nothing to undergo the action of separation or ununion. You see I believe that inside the prime fundamental source substance”s dimensional mathematical information there is a polarized condition which allows its polarized quantum structures to be turned off and on. And that when they are turned off they are in a state of collapse or unexposed. As such I theorize that the Big Bang was actually the sudden and abrupt instantiation of space, quantum fields and subatomic matter through the process of converting or transforming the primary fundamental source substance from the quantum state of polarized cancelation or the quantum state of being as nothing into the quantum state of polarized uncancelation or the quantum state of being as something. In fact it is of my belief that their quantum based identities and this form of nothing are some of the things which help to hold multiple different space dimensions separate from each other.

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