A video made by me about space and the loneliness in the universe

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Oct 13, 2020
We can travel on lightspeed today or tomorrow, with our antigravitational propulsion can be on Mars in 1-10 days, on Proxima Centauri B in 6 years our time, but astronaut's time it is only 2-3 year to anywhere in the galaxy. Inside spaceship is a zone with 1G as on Earth so traveling is luxurious. Similar antigravitational propulsion was copied and tested 75 years under the cover name UFO, and that observed 10000 peoples, so the technological level is TR9. Only propulsion is simple but builds a complete starship and testing is very expensive.

For finding meteorits can use long distace radar, every start antigravitational engine generate Smal Bang and every mass generate secondary emmission of photons - lighting echo.
Oct 16, 2020
When I did my graphic design thing, a key take away is that you want to enlarge your text as much as possible. Smaller fonts may look ok to you but older folks or seeing impaired may have difficulty seeing it. So the font at 30 seconds before and after, is imo a tini bit small. There are some good graphic design books.. one text trick is to have your titles in one font and the reading font in another, to contrast. Another thing to consider is that the words you use may just tie in the ideas, whereas if you want to write whole paragraphs you might consider voice, or images, to enable people to synthesize what you are talking about. None the less, in terms of art I really think artists should just do their own thing there is no right or wrong. Avoid small fonts whenever possible even if you can read it others may not be able to. The text inputs were sloppy and you used white text that overlapped images that totally blured the text. You might want to consider boxing in or shadowing to create a contrastive backing so that you arn't blurring in with images. If you want to showcase the images, then you might consider moving text, or type in text that disappears after being faded in and out or scrolled in and out. Most video editing software can do those type of text effects fairly easily. JMHO. Its all good. Overall picture book with sloppy text. Some of the images and movement stuff was nice.. the mix and matching seemed a little incoherent, and the up and down of font sizes seemed chaotic. Again hopefully you had fun doing it. That is why I do my hobby stuff like music because I like making it.
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