Absolute Time

Jan 2, 2024
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Time is relative says Special Relativity and General Relativity. So is there an absolute reference Time. SR and GR would suggest not.
However some have said that if we were to take the average of all movement and of all mass distribution then this would serve as Absolute Time. Many years ago this was hotly debated. Some said the fact that a bucket of water had a center deprssion when stirred proved that absolute time did exist. I never really understood that but there we are!

I suggest that if something has not moved (travelled/had speed through space) then it represents a marker and may have a hint of absolute time (no speed/noSR). That still leaves General Relativity effects - the slowing of time due to gravity. Some areas of the universe apparently are less dense than others. Our position is one of those. Out time then would run faster than those slowed by gravity.

By faster I mean more closely excluding the slowing effect of gravity. Perhaps by figuring the proportunate difference we could assess the slowing effect of gravity in our region (or some other region). Admittedly there are significant differences in movement in the Universe but I am treating this as a thought experiment and as such it seems an absolute time does exist.
I believe in the absolute universal now.
but there is relative change.
this change is what we call time.
The only times that are absolute are 't'=0 and 'T'=1 ((t=+1) (t=-1)).

"Change" equals "animation" . . . which is the ultimate life, or life apex of the force pyramidical, fundamental "Life Force" and meaning of "Universe (U)". There is nothing to the past, here and now (the future is now), except its constant of light and light energy emerging from it (e=mc^2).
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