Alien hunters should search for artifacts on the moon, study suggests

Shades of the monolith from the movie 2001, "A Space Odyssey". Note: A. Africanus learned the "nifty" skill of killing which was passes to the genus Homo via Evolution not a monolith. Are we looking for sapient space aliens in "all the wrong places" by anticipating some hardware? Consider that if they exist or had existed within the visible Universe , their "signature" might be detectable as radio signals or the results of self destruction. Sending multiple "Hi There" pieces of hardware in multi-directions into space would exceed the cost of radio transmissions. But who knows? Perhaps, explorers on the Moon will find the remains of a $12K alien space toilet burred in the dust hopefully sans DNA.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
The famous equation used to search for alien civilizations has now inspired a new formula to hunt for alien artifacts within our solar system. My emphasis.

I must have blinked and missed it - the Drake look-a-like.

8. Conclusion
Co-orbitals are attractive targets for SETI searches because of their proximity. We should move forthrightly toward observing them, both in the electromagnetic spectrum and planetary radar, as well as visiting them with probes. The most attractive target is Earth's constant companion 2016 HO3, the smallest, closest, and most stable (known) quasi-satellite of Earth. Getting there from Earth's orbit requires a delta-v of about 4.5 km s−1. It approaches Earth annually, in October. China has announced they are going to send a probe to 2016 HO3 (Xinhua 2019).

Not even mentioned in the Conclusion.

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