Aliens could have spotted Earth cross the sun from more than 1,700 star systems

If one rides in the New York City subway for any length of time, a feeling that space aliens are already living here soon becomes pervasive. Perhaps the concept of "Peeping Tom" space aliens watching the Earth transit the Sun is just another one of those pervasive feelings. At 45ly distant, if any beings have detected us , wouldn't their similar pervasive feelings get the better of them and they would say "Hello". (Or perhaps settle to be amused by riding on the NYC subway).
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"E.T. could also potentially have detected life on Earth, scientists say." Interesting study to see what stars may be able to observe Earth and detect life here. Okay, here is another report today too. Earth-like biospheres on other planets may be rare,

"A new analysis of known exoplanets has revealed that Earth-like conditions on potentially habitable planets may be much rarer than previously thought. The work focuses on the conditions required for oxygen-based photosynthesis to develop on a planet, which would enable complex biospheres of the type found on Earth."

Do the 1700 stars nearby show exoplanets with life there and complex biospheres? :)
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