Ask Me Anything AMA with Dr. Joe Pesce

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Mar 31, 2020
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Well Everyone - my time with you this week is rapidly drawing to a close. I've loved our interaction; your questions are all fabulous!

I'm glad you love my field as much as I do. Lots of amazing things happening in the universe. And with our ability to discover, learn, and understand too. Keep an eye open for all the fantastic discoveries being made everyday, and keep looking up!

Yours, Dr Joe
Fantastic Rod! Keep it up!

FYI. I use Stellarium 0.20.2 software (latest download version) and Starry Night Pro Plus 8 to setup and create sky charts, also Sky & Telescope monthly magazine. The software tools work very well and I store my charts in PowerPoint slides in my MS ACCESS database. There is nothing quite like getting out under a good sky and starry night using quality telescopes and binoculars to enjoy the heavens. Where I am at, no street lights or nearby lights around so at times, I can see stars mv +5.7 or so. Early this morning and some other nights recently, Cygnus is lovely with hint of Milky Way running through it---Rod
Jun 23, 2020
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Bill, it’s good to see you here! Yes, probably lots and lots of planets. Of course, our estimates of life are statistical analyses, based on lots and lots of assumptions. AND, many of those assumptions based on a sample of one (we know of life only on Earth): Science doesn’t really like samples of one! My opinion: LOTS of planets (but how many are truly hospitable to life, but as we know it and in other forms). LOTS of lower life forms (think single-celled life forms, blue-green algae, etc.). Maybe more intelligent life too, but with a much lower probability.
Thanks for replying. Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking too. I’ve been wondering for some time what you might be thinking about all these new planetary “opportunities”. Still, so many more planets, so many more possibilities!
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