An aurora that lit up the sky over the Titanic might explain why it sank

There wasn't anything that I found, however, that shows claims the Titanic was off course. The CQD (Morse letters for a ship's SOS signal) position as reported by an officer was found to be correctly determined as a result of the inquiry. Interesting inquiry.

The comments are worth reading as well.

The ship's reported CQD position is only ~ 2-1/2 minutes south of its discovered remains, though it is 13 miles east of the CQD position. The ship took over 2-1/2 hours to sink and the Gulf Stream flow, I assume, would explain the 13 miles distance change.

The accuracy of the CQD report suggests that it was not off-course, else it seems to me that would have been a major issue at the time.

I assume aurora affects on compasses were known at that time, though it doesn't rule out they played a roll. To me, it seems unlikely.