Another explanation to why gamma rays and dark matter density align

Recent studies showed that gamma-rays and dark matter density correlate. There is a suggestion that this is because a dark matter particle decays and emits gamma-rays, but this suggestion runs into many problems. Based on a new theory of gravity and its equations relating gravity force and photon frequency, we offer a novel explanation for this observation. Here are the two new equations:

F = Y1f1f2/r^2
Y1= 3.62*10^-111 m^3 kg

F= Y2fm/r^2
Y2=4.91*10^-61 m^3 s^-1
F is the gravitational force, Y1 and Y2 is a constant, f is the frequency of a photon in an EM wave, m is the mass of an object, r is the distance between a photon in EM wave 1 and a photon in EM wave 2, or the object.

The new equations show that a higher frequency photon will produce a greater gravitational effect. This makes gamma-rays, the highest frequency EM wave, the strongest producer of dark matter’s gravitational effects. The search for specific frequencies, such as gamma-rays and x-rays, emitted from the decay of a hypothetical dark matter particle is flawed and contradicts observations. If dark matter’s gravitational effects are created by photons, not a particle with rest mass, dark matter observations are satisfied.

The studies showed gamma rays and dark matter density align:

Here is this new explanation on an e-print:

Here is the paper that this new explanation is based on:
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