Another theory for Dark Matter. With simple formulas, data, and proof.

Jun 25, 2023
Ok. So I know every man and his dog has a theory for Dark Matter. But I really, really think I have figured it out.
I have done the math and compared the data to hundreds of Galaxies and it seems to work very consistently.

I know no one has time for this and there are thousands of other ideas but I have made a very simple 10min video, which anyone can understand, just looking at galaxy rotation curves and showing how I can calculate the orbital velocity at any point in any galaxy using visible mass alone. I know there is more to dark matter than just Galaxy rotation curves, and I have a single theory that explains everything, but I just wanted to make the video short so someone might watch it.

Can someone just please watch it and give some kind of feedback. I am starting to feel like a leper and I genuinely believe I have it figured out.

Thanks in advance!

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