Artemis 1 moon mission launch ticket sales crashed website: report

Jul 10, 2020
If I was an American, I would be upset that a government agency that burns through so much in tax dollars (deservedly so) charges for tickets just so I can see my tax dollars at work.
The nerve to double dip people like this. It disgusts me.

Who paid for the rocket again? Who paid for the facilities? Who pays their salaries??????
The tickets are for a limited number of spaces on-site.

You can watch for free from outside the Space Center property. I did that when the Saturn V rocket blasted off with the first astronauts to land on the moon's surface. It was a wholly different perspective to see the ENOURMOUS cloud of exhaust smoke engulf the area, with the relatively tiny appearing rocket rising at its peak. Not to mention the loud sound, even at that off-site distance.

And, there was no charge .

In those days, we did not have portable TVs in our pockets (cell phones) that could also show us the close-ups being broadcast to all (free) on national television.

So, with the ability to see it from a distance that shows the whole picture, plus the televised and streamed close ups and on-board camera shots, it will be even better sitting on the beach, now.


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