Feb 17, 2022
I am Louw and new to this forum. I do asteroids for MPC and have a question to ask. Not sure if it is here? I am trying to get data on asteroid 170891 but cannot get any.
I have the RA and DEC of the asteroid as given by Stellarium but I am not able to see it after taking images and put it into Astrometrica or Tycho. I have used CSS Orbit view to see where this asteroid is and it looks like it is behind the sun. Is there any body who could help me on with this problem?
Feb 17, 2022
Thanks for the info. May be I have asked the question the wrong why round. The data I am looking for is from the images I took last night of this asteroid but no asteroid appeared on Astrometrica. In other words although I have the correct coordinates of this asteroid no image could be seen on Astrometrica of this one. Astrometrica gives all the other asteroids except 170891


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Pogo, from post #2, it is Indonesian, and the first para reads: (from Google Translate)

"(170891) 2004 TY16 is an asteroid. This asteroid is part of the asteroid Amor, which is located close to Earth. The asteroid's orbital eccentricity is recorded at 0.405, while its absolute magnitude is 17.0. "

To save others Googling astrometrica:

Welcome to the Astrometrica Homepage

Astrometrica is a interactive software tool for scientific grade astrometric data reduction of CCD images, focusing on measurements of the minor bodies of ...

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