Australia fires from space

Jan 7, 2020
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The article cites "climate change" as being the main factor is the rash of fires. Please, to remain credible don't parrot the incredible.

The majority of the fires have been determined to be arson, one of the publicized culprits being a Muslim teenager who was unapologeticly laughing about his misdeeds. Take that as you will.

The severity of the fires has to do with climate alright, not some man made change but the pattern of cycle which was even noted on this site a week ago. The Earth hit perihelion on Jan 4-5, meaning Australia is getting the more intense summer sunlight than at any other time. This means hot & dry. It's not climate change, it's climate pattern per Milankovitch Cycles.

For authentities sake, at least cite your own articles when posting this stuff.

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