Back End / Front End of Time? And No Speed Greater!

Leading edge of time? // Trailing edge of time?

If there is a back end to time (Planck Big Bang) and a front end to time (us) then there is no speed greater or less than the 2-dimensional inflationary speed Flatland front end horizon of time (including the speed of light)! Time's FRONT (no speed greater)!

Is Nowhere-land and Nothingness ahead of and behind the 2-dimensional FRONT? Or is it antimatter and negative energy universe ahead of the FRONT? A 2-sided front end to front end (+/-) // back end to back end (+/-) // front end (+/-) to back end (+/-), whatever, always? And a trojan third (0)?

In the BACK-END Horizon, and in the FRONT-END Horizon, the frontier of the infinity of universes (the frontier of the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe)? Between the back end of time and the front end of time, quantum / quanta physics? Or Nowhere-land and Nothingness, inside-out / outside-in? Or the primordial meeting . . . this side of the primordial, always?

Does space simply spring into being? Time? New space? New time? More space? More time? From nowhere? From nothing? Is the universe really that stupid as to be creation from magic? Snap your fingers, universe! Snap once more, gone!

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The longitudinal timelines of the observed, observable, universe's SPACETIME melt into one another at the far distant back-end Horizon from anywhere. Even the lensing that occurs, that allows a little more viewing into the far distant macro-microscopic Horizon doesn't do away with the merging, the melting, of longitudinal lines of SPACETIME into points so far distant from anywhere and everywhere.

That picture of far distant longitudinal SPACETIME melting, merging, blending polar-like points can't possibly be resolved into equatorial resolutions. It is a totally relative melt (blend), a totally relative merger (blend), a totally relative collapsed cosmological constant of infinity's Horizon that actually physically works in and as a constant of transformation (Planck Big Bang (Black Hole) Event Horizon)! But no immortal traveler and ship, no matter its speed even to a relative infinity of speed, could ever even begin to approach that forever receding Horizon. Why?!

Because he, she, or it, would already be quantum-like entangled in two places at once -- at the same time. Both always outside that receding Horizon and always inside that same receding Horizon . . . always receding from the traveler at exactly the same speed as the traveler, keeping exactly the same distance always from the traveler with evolution always coming just as fast or slow out of the longitudinally melted, merged, blended, infinitely pointed Horizon. The traveler never leaving the equatorial plane, unless it stumbles into a black hole (going the wrong way missing the superconductivity of and in the event horizon) and buys the farm.

That collapsed cosmological constant Horizon of infinity marking the "at a distance" non-local value ('0' and/or '1') of the constant of 'c'.
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