Be R+D needs a big UHV

Jan 29, 2020
I have BeO as a good space material at or past Uranus. The inertia of Silicon Valley to space should be good for Saturn, only maybe for Uranus. Certinly past there astronauts will die of cosmic rays radiation by existing tech space materials selection. I read of 2011's RF chambers for instrumentation and I envision a laser on them and seeing the colours emitted on Jupiter's Moons. With superior studio sized a chamber GPR could be payload. A real prize would be a public swimming pool sized UHV chamber w/ sensors inbuilt. I plan this for AB for cold equipment. It is also wanted wherever the USA locates a Be hub. Hardness and atomic bond energies matter for damage avoision. I might be able to go from lab wafers lasered to Olympic pool. Instead maybe going back to metals for the middle 1/2 towards existing UHV chamber tech. Be shouldn't be one km from an aquifer or good biome. I liked Cheyenne and a windy ridge in Co if it were my dry call. Big 5m pieces are need for pool sized built at my best performing facility. When those are ready I'll need a citing in a State.

It will be eventually paired with Be in space. The moon could work but outgases due to water in the regolith. Ideally it would be kept very cold, which is expensive. Cheaper will be a base around one of the gas giants. If a Prez said stamping Pluto by 2080 I'd plan Be factory on the Moon.

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