Best solar viewing kit 2024: Observe the April 8 solar eclipse

Feb 14, 2024
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I'm puzzled why the article says to not use Baader film filters when looking through an HDSLR with an optical viewfinder (VF), but a mirrorless or electronic VF is okay. Had it said to not use a rangefinder or similar optical viewfinder camera where the VF image did not pass through the filter, that would make sense. One could easily blind oneself. But I've used Baader filters on my HDSLR cameras with optical VF for numerous solar events, as well as on my 105 mm refractor telescope. The film makes for perfectly safe viewing, as long as it's not damaged (I'd have noted in the cons that it is easily damaged, though it may be salvageable if the damaged area is blocked to prevent light passing through). Other than that, good info. Thanks!